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Amazing Troodos Mountains with their picturesque medieval villages and magnificent monasteries
About tour
The main part of our path will pass through the picturesque mountain range of Troodos, with green cedar forests and fresh mountain air. In its foothills, among the vineyards, is located the village of Omodos, which is under the protection of UNESKO. There we will walk through the narrow, stone streets and visit the monastery of the Holy Cross, which contains a fragment of the rope "The bonds of Christ" and a particle of the "Life-giving Cross".
We'll stop at the winery, where we will be treated with local wine. Our next stop will be Venetian bridge Tzelefos , which is a legacy of the Venetian era in Cyprus. This is the longest of all 4 bridges of the Venetian era, and it towers over the river Rudya.
Next we will head to the highest mountain village Prodromos where we will have lunch at a local tavern. Next we will go to the holy Kykkos monastery. This is the richest and most famous monastery on the island, where one of the miraculous icons of the Virgin Mary, painted by the Evangelist and Holy Apostle Luke during the life of the Virgin Mary, is kept.
We will also visit the tomb of the first president of Cyprus, Archbishop Makarius, which is located on Mount Troni.
Tour program
every Saturday / from Paphos
7:30 am
7:30 am
Departure from the hotel
1. The village of Omodos
A picturesque mountain village located in the wine region of Afames
2. Visit to the Lambouri winery
Wine tasting of local harvest and bottling
You will have the opportunity to choose and buy the best

3. Bridge Tzelefos (Kelefos)
Stone bridge of the Venetian period
4. Prodromos village
The mountain village, famous for its monasteries and the Berengaria hotel, which was popular in the 60s
5. The Monastery of Kykkos
The most famous monastery of the island, in which is stored one of the miraculous icons of the Virgin Mary, written by the apostle Luke during her life
6. Tomb of Makarius
Makarius III was the archbishop of the Cyprus Orthodox Church and the first president of the Republic of Cyprus
5:30 pm
5:30 pm
Completion and return to the hotel
Cost and what is included
— Place on the bus
— Wine degustation
€ 38
— Place on the bus
€ 25
1 - 11 years
Kids free
— Without separate seat with an adult
€ 0
up to 1 year
Type of excursion: bus tour
Recommended clothing: comfortable shoes
When visiting temples - knees and shoulders should be covered
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